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Jackie & Andrew — Minted




Bridal Party

Melissa - matron of honor

Jackie's Sister

Being the older sister, Melissa introduced Jackie to the staple boy and girl bands of her youth. She taught her about makeup and was the first to teach her how to straighten her curly hair (with a clothes iron!). Play any 80s or 90s power ballad and Melissa is bound to sing along and know every lyric. She probably has one of the most contagious sounding laughs ever.


Jackie's Best Friend

Jackie met Jenn at the bus stop on her first day of Kindergarten and they’ve been BFF ever since. They’ve worked together, traveled together, and their parents knew each other before they were even alive. Jenn has a slight peacock obsession. The kind of friendship she offers is truly one in a million and she’s a real gem of a person.

Samantha - Bridesmaid

Jackie's Cousin

Jackie’s “cousin BFF” and the cousin that Jackie could always be found with at family gatherings. They both grew up with the same passion for the New York Mets and the band Oasis. If you look closely, you can catch the matching tattoo on Sam’s right wrist that she shares with Jackie. She has a soft spot for great guac.

Gina - Bridesmaid

Jackie's Cousin

Although there are 9 years between them, Gina and Jackie have a lot in common and have performed on stage together multiple times, including at the Brookhaven Amphitheater at Bald Hill. They’ve spent countless hours writing and recording music with Jackie’s Uncle Sal (Gina & Sam’s Dad). Ask Gina about her avid love for the Harry Potter books and all things Disney.

Cristiana - Bridesmaid

Jackie's Sister-in-Law

Cristiana is married to Jackie’s brother. She was born in Portugal, moved to England as a teen, and has lived in the USA for the last few years. She is very easy to talk to and would probably give away one of her limbs just to pet a kitten. You can usually find her with her face buried in a book and a peppermint mocha latte not far away.

Vickie - Bridesmaid

Jackie's Childhood Friend

When they met over 20 years ago, Vickie and Jackie were inseparable as they gallivanted around the town trading Pokemon cards, swimming in Vickie’s pool and having countless slumber parties. Vickie appreciates long walks down the aisles of Trader Joe’s.

Ashley - Bridesmaid

Jackie's Childhood Friend

Another friend from Jackie’s youth. Ashley lived across the street from Jackie for many years. They spent their time making up dances to *Nsync songs, chasing the ice cream man and playing in her backyard. She and her husband have had the cutest boston terriers.

Michelle - Bridesmaid

Jackie's Friend

Michelle and Jackie met through Andrew and Craig (Michelle’s husband). Michelle is someone you can go out and party with or cuddle up with on the couch for a movie marathon and have just as much fun. She’s a great person to confide in and has a wonderful silly side.

John - Best Man

Andrew's High School Friend

Andrew and John met in high school developing a firm respect for each other's sense of humor, and shared many nights shooting at people on Call of Duty. An avid Rangers, Mets, and Jets fan, but we won't hold that last one against him. He is a fantastic beer pong player, and has a great love of funfetti icing. Fact.

Steve - Best Man

Andrew's High School Friend

Andrew met Steve earlier on in High School but their friendship really took off during senior year. One of the best pool players Andrew knows, and always down for a stroll through a White Castle drive thru. You might not know it by looking at him, but he's a big motorsports fan and loves to live life in the fast lane.

Freddie - Groomsman

Andrew's Childhood Friend

Freddie is the friend that Andrew has known the longest, growing up together in Brentwood. They'd play countless hours of basketball and video games, and get pizza from that new place around the corner. They were so close growing up that even Freddie breaking Andrew's leg as a child couldn't separate them.

Craig - Groomsman

Andrew's Former Roommate

Andrew and Craig were roommates for 2 years beginning in 2016. Many Knicks & Yankee games were watched with Craig hovering behind the couch rather than sitting. He is always content with a nice meal, especially if it's "a bit of this and that" of several different dishes.

Justin - Groomsman

Andrew's College Friend

Justin and Andrew met while attending Stony Brook University. They would spend so much time playing cards and pool together, it's sometimes a wonder how either of them graduated. He's a man who enjoys the simple things in life: a good margarita, Metallica, and getting some fresh air.

Michael - Groomsman

Jackie's Brother

Michael is Jackie's brother who Andrew obviously met after they started dating. He is a true renaissance man as an actor, musician, and teacher among other things. Right from the start, Andrew knew they'd get along due to their shared love of bourbon, movie quotes, and stirring the pot.

James - Groomsman

Jackie's Brother-in-Law

James is Jackie's brother-in-law, being married to her sister Melissa. Andrew and James can talk for hours about 90s hip-hop and old school wrestling, as well as argue over what foods ketchup tastes good on. You're bound to find him cheering on his favorite New York sports teams, the Mets and Nets.

Dan - Groomsman

Andrew's High School Friend

Dan has long been known as Andrew's sportiest friend. There's not a single outdoor activity that Andrew has seen that Dan hasn't been interested in and excelled at. One of these activities is known as hill hopping, which Andrew will let Dan get into the detail of.

Miguel - Groomsman

Andrew's High school Friend

Andrew and Miguel have also been friends since high school. Miguel is one of the most laid-back and life-enjoying people that Andrew knows. An avid foodie and NYCFC fan, he is definitely one person to call looking for some excellent food recs.


Andrew's Brother

Giovanni - Ring Bearer

Jackie's Godson and Nephew

Gabriel - Ring Bearer

Andrew's Godson

Denise & Charlie

Parents of the Bride

Tina & Sonny

Parents of the Groom